Get a Jump on Your New Year Resolutions List With an Escape Room Adventure

For many of us the holidays are a time to reflect on the past year and make a resolution or two for the coming months. The goal is to break old habits, make better lifestyle choices and/or improve some aspect of our life. People have the best of intentions, but unfortunately over 90% of resolutions aren’t achieved.

It turns out there are a number of reasons why resolutions have a high failure rate. Some people simply get too ambitious and make too many resolutions all at once. Others make huge resolutions that are really hard to attain. And changing habits isn’t nearly as easy as it seems. 

The trick is to start small and make the process fun. We can’t think of a better way to work on resolutions than taking on an escape room. Here are four New Year resolutions that you can actually complete by visiting a San Antonio escape room – plus one more reason a visit can help you meet your goals.

Try Something New

Have you felt like things are on autopilot in your life? Then you may have made a resolution to try new things in the coming year. 

An escape room in San Antonio isn’t just a new activity for most people. It’s an easy way to experience what feels like an entirely different time and place without having to travel far from home. And at Extreme Escape we have two locations each with four unique adventures so you can experience something new eight times! 

Get More Physically Active

Improving physical fitness is by far one of the most common New Year resolutions. We live in a sedentary world where many people sit at work and everyday pastimes are also done sitting down. It’s no wonder that doctors say sitting is the new smoking. 

But what if you’re the type that isn’t excited about hitting the gym? Start small by doing a few activities in your free time that get you up on your feet. An escape room is ideal for this extremely popular New Year resolution because people of all physical fitness levels can participate. You’ll be up and moving for an hour, but it won’t seem like a workout at all.

Meet New People

If you’ve just moved, work from home or simply want to expand your network then you may have made the resolution to meet new people. Mingling with others isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you reserve an escape room, but that’s exactly what can happen.

Since the escape room accommodates up to 10 players you could be paired with people you just met. Sharing the experience together will bring you closer together in an hour than you ever thought possible. 

Give Back 

Some people make their resolution more about others than themselves by making it a goal to give back. It could be by joining a certain community group, donating to charity or volunteering. Either way this is a great New Year resolution because it helps people in need and provides health benefits for you.

During certain times of the year you can have a blast while you give back by reserving one of our escape rooms in San Antonio. Extreme Escape is a philanthropic local business that’s always giving back to the community with special events and partnerships that raise money for charitable causes like the Salvation Army. We also offer military members, EMTs, police officers and firefighters discounts every Monday.

Make an Escape Room Adventure Your Resolution Reward

There’s one easy way to dramatically improve your chances of reaching a New Year resolution – reward yourself with a trip to Extreme Escape! In addition to focusing on one goal at a time, rewarding yourself when you accomplish a resolution or reach a milestone also helps to keep you motivated and makes the process more fun. 

Reserve a San Antonio escape room to celebrate reaching your resolution!