Indoor Team Building Activities for Adults in San Antonio

No Matter What the Weather’s Like Outside, You Can Enjoy Fun Indoor Team Building Activities for Adults in San Antonio

Is your work team or group of friends looking for something new to do that doesn’t require an outdoor excursion. Some of the best adult team building activities in San Antonio aren’t traditional group events hosted by a corporation. They’re thoroughly fun adult team work games that provide a unique experience and help participants improve a variety of skills.

Conquer Your Fear of Heights With Indoor Skydiving

Conquering a fear is easier when you’ve got moral support. The iFly location in San Antonio allows you and a group of friends to experience the weightlessness and freedom of skydiving without braving the elements or the extremely dangerous heights. Think of it as a modern, high-flying version of a trust fall.

Expand Your Cultural Horizons at ArtPace

ArtPace is a very unique space that houses artists from Texas, the U.S. and around the world for four months at a time. Groups can visit ArtPace to see the artists’ work and take part in interesting workshop events. For instance, you can learn how to make craft cider at home or work together to build a sculpture using zip ties. You never know what will be on the calendar next.

Have Fun Together a DoSeum ReDo Event

The DoSeum is a fun time for people of all ages, but during ReDo events it’s strictly 21 and up. Grown-up groups can build strong bonds reliving their favorite childhood activities at a themed ReDo night. Guests get complimentary drinks, appetizers and access to all of the kids exhibits where they can build and learn. Not only do you get to spend quality time with your team, your ticket purchases will also help fund DoSeum programs.

Explore an Escape Room in San Antonio

There’s no better adult team work games than escape rooms. Each escape room is decked out from floor to ceiling in a theme that goes along with the storyline of the game to completely immerse the players. But simply solving puzzles isn’t the only challenge. A group of up to 10 players only has 60 minutes to escape in time.

A San Antonio escape room is an activity that requires group effort and communication in order to win the game. You’ll quickly find out who is a natural leader, who has a knack for puzzles and who has attention to detail for finding clues.

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