Looking for a Family Night Activity? Try an Escape Room

In the Internet era it’s seems to be increasingly difficult to get the family together free of distractions and really interacting. And recent research shows quality time with kids is vital. A large-scale study published in the Journal of Marriage and Family shows that time spent with children doesn’t matter as much as what you do with them.

Activities where parents and children spend one-on-one time together giving all of their attention to one another has a positive impact on social behavior, emotional wellbeing and academic achievement. Even just a few hours a week makes a difference.

Wondering how you can get in this quality time and still keep the family entertained? A San Antonio escape room is one of the best ways to bring everyone together for an epic family night. Here’s why!

It’s Family Game Night for the Modern Era

Escape rooms are the best of both worlds. It’s like a real-life video game without the screens, electronics and Internet distractions, which is much more important than many parents realize. Being locked in the escape room together keeps everyone focused on the game at hand. There’s no pulling out a smartphone or wandering off to the kitchen for snacks like a regular family night at home.

An Escape Room is Age Appropriate for the Entire Family

At Extreme Escape we have eight different escape rooms across two locations. All of themes are appropriate for tweens and older individuals, and there are also a few rooms that are just as fun for younger kids. If you have players as young as 8 years old we recommend the Mutiny or Trapped Below escape rooms in San Antonio. 

Encourages Communication and Interaction

The nature of an escape room game requires interaction among the players. Getting out of the room in 60 minutes or less is a group effort that involves teamwork and constant communication. That’s something you don’t get every day on a normal family excursion. 

By the end of the game you’ll be communicating more clearly, which can be a benefit long after you’ve escaped the room. 

Everyone Wins Together

Even if you have a family game night at home that usually means breaking people up into teams or acting as individual players. Some people will win and some people will lose.

At one of our San Antonio escape rooms the entire family wins together. It’s a real positive bonding moment for everyone. Up to 10 family members can play in an escape room together at the same time so extended family can get it on the fun too. 

Honoring Heroes With Family Discounts

Every Monday is Heroes Play Free day at Extreme Escape. We offer huge discounts for military members, police officers, firefighters and EMTs along with their family members. Heroes play for free and family members enjoy 15% off each game. 

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