Special Team Outing Events in San Antonio, TX

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Plan a Team Event in San Antonio That Builds Bonds

The most important element of any business is the employees. This is what’s known as the human element. Employees are the heart and soul of your business. When everyone is working together it’s like a well-oiled machine, but the fact remains your employees aren’t machinery.

For your human resource to be as productive as possible, employees need to be engaged and happy. That starts in the workplace, but it also happens outside of the office. Special outings and team building activities go a long way towards keeping employees happy on the job.

If you’re looking for a few creative team outing events in San Antonio consider these options.

Make Your Own Sausage

Anyone who’s worked in a kitchen knows it’s a team work environment. And anyone who’s ever lived in Central Texas knows sausage is a staple food. Blend those two things together by treating your team to a day of sausage making.

You can start by teaming up with a company like Food Chick Tours to sample some of the best sausage in San Antonio. It’s tasty inspiration before making your own links. Sausage making workshops are regularly held in the San Antonio area that your team can get it on. In the past Texas A&M at College Station has hosted a “Creative Sausage Making” workshop that gave attendees an in-depth look and hands-on experience making links. It may be a bit of an excursion, but you’ll have parting gift you can enjoy back at the office.

Bring Out Your Inner Kid With Plastic Bricks

Legos have been a popular toy for generations, but they aren’t just for kids. Plastic Bricks is a San Antonio retail store that also hosts team building events. You can bring your team to their location to get Lego building instructions from a Plastic Bricks expert. Employees can then take part in problem solving activities and build competitions. It’s a team building experience in the most literal sense.

Get Out of a San Antonio Escape Room

Looking for indoor team outings in San Antonio that you can enjoy any time of year? Then try to get out of an escape room in San Antonio! At Extreme Escape we’ve hosted a number of corporate groups that want a unique team building experience that’s tons of fun for everyone.

An escape room is an immersive game that puts players right in the middle of the action. Each room offers a unique challenge and is outfitted floor to ceiling with impressive set decor that makes the game scenario come to life. Players work together to search for clues within the room and solve puzzles within an hour. It’s a great way to build bonds and improve team work while having fun.

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