Team Bonding Games in San Antonio Every Business Should Try


Team bonding games are beneficial in so many ways. For starters, they help your employees build strong relationships, improve communication and work more efficiently together. Having fun is another big benefit to the business. Employees that are happy are more productive and less likely to leave. So let the games begin!

Team building activities don’t have to all about trust falls and terrifying rope courses. There are lots of entertaining games that meet the team work quota. Get ready to have some fun with these team bonding games in San Antonio.

Play With Aquatic Wildlife at SeaWorld

The team work that SeaWorld’s trainers have with their animals is amazing. Your team can have a similar experience with the 11,000 Pounds of Leadership Program. SeaWorld brings your team behind the scenes to do a special training session and play around with beluga whales, sea lions and dolphins.

Scavenger Hunt Around San Antonio

Have fun as a team and take in the San Antonio sights with a scavenger hunt. In a fun-loving city like San Antonio there are a lot of scavenger hunt options, but Watson Adventures offers some of the best for team building. They don’t just get you to collect things. A Watson Adventure scavenger hunt includes creative challenges as well. Businesses can choose a corporate scavenger hunt that’s specifically designed to encourage team work.

Go Spelunking at Natural Bridge Caverns

There’s nothing like an underground adventure to bring team members closer together. At Natural Bridge Caverns just north of San Antonio you can sign up for adventure group tours that let you explore completely off the trail like a true cave diver. There are also zip line canopy tours and a maze. The maze is a terrific team bonding experience because a few people can get up on the platform and help direct others through the twists and turns.

Make It Out of a San Antonio Escape Room

Few things in life are as equally fun and challenging as an escape room game. As the 60-minute clock ticks down players are drawn into an immersive environment where they must figure out clues and puzzles in order to make their escape. The players have to work together to get it all done in time.

Extreme Escape was the first to bring an escape room to San Antonio and we’ve been expanding ever since. Our two locations have four unique escape rooms that can accommodate up to ten players each. We’re fully equipped to host businesses of all sizes. Come see why USAA, Yelp and dozens of other San Antonio businesses bring their team to Extreme Escape.

Reserve a San Antonio escape room online and let the team bonding begin!