What to do With Teens in San Antonio

We all feel the anxiety of trying to please a moody, uninterested teen at some point. Wouldn’t it be great if you could find activities that you can do with your teen that they’ll actually enjoy? Like, can’t help but smile and admit it was awesome enjoy.

If you live in San Antonio or plan to visit the area you’re in luck! There are hundreds of San Antonio attractions, many of which are teen-approved.

Get ready to up your cool quota by taking your teens to experience something they won’t find online.

Being locked in a room with teenagers is usually a nightmare scenario. That is, unless you’re at Extreme Escape. It’s basically impossible to not have fun as you work together to solve puzzles and beat the clock.

When you take on an escape room in San Antonio you’ve got to be ready for anything. We have eight rooms at two locations, and each one offers a new adventure.

Book an escape room online and get ready to share something you and your teen will equally enjoy.

Mission Adventure Tours

Take your teen on the ride of their life down the San Antonio River. The team at Mission Adventure Tours have put together 2-mile kayaking excursions that even a teen won’t scoff at. It’s a great way to get physical activity while taking in the beautiful natural surroundings that make San Antonio a haven for outdoor lovers.

San Antonio Zoo

The San Antonio Zoo proves that zoos aren’t just for little kids. Adults and teens can also appreciate the beautiful setting and array of interesting animals that call the San Antonio Zoo home. It’s a good thing there are numerous eateries because you can easily spend an entire day exploring the zoo’s 56 acres.

Cosmic Mayhem Black Light Mini Golf

One of the most popular things to do in San Antonio with young kids and teens is play a round at Cosmic Mayhem Black Light Mini Golf. The venue has a crazy cool space theme with sets that even impress our design team. There could be a long wait during peak hours, but there’s usually a movie playing to keep people entertained before they start putting.

Ripley’s Haunted Adventure

If you want to get a reaction out of a teen that’s usually glued to their phone Ripley’s Haunted Adventure will do the trick. It’s a next level haunted house in a totally transformed mansion where live actors roam the halls looking for victims and special effects make it seem like the horror is really happening. You never know what you’ll find around the corner, but you’re sure to have a frighteningly good time.