How to Get in the Spirit This Halloween at a San Antonio Escape Room

Halloween in San Antonio is a very festive time of year. There are ghost tours all over town. Six Flags Fiesta Texas puts on its annual Fright Night. Halloween parties and haunted houses are also in abundance.

But there’s another spooktacular way to celebrate the Halloween holiday. An escape room in San Antonio is the perfect way to bring out the Halloween spirit in people of all ages. If you haven’t tried an escape room yet, now is the time to treat yourself.

Keep reading to find out why lots of San Antonio locals are visiting Extreme Escape this Halloween.

It’s Even More Realistic Than a Haunted House

Sure, haunted houses are fun for people who like a good scare. But most of the time haunted houses fall a bit short in their set design. This is understandable given that they are usually a temporary space that’s built quickly.

A San Antonio escape room on the other hand is a truly immersive environment. Our escape rooms are designed by theme park veterans and built to last. That means no cheesy, cheap decorations. We’ve gone to great lengths to create a space that really draws the players in with realistic decor, props, sounds and smells.

Another Bonus: Instead of paying top dollar to spend 5-10 minutes in a haunted house, you’ll get a full hour to explore an escape room in San Antonio.

You Can Get a Good Fright

If being spooked is part of your Halloween fun, we’ve got an escape room for you. The Undead, a zombie filled lair, is one of our most popular escape rooms. If monstrous aliens are more your thing Encounter will definitely raise your blood pressure. Freaky paranormal activity awaits you in The Other Side escape room. Or go for a classic Halloween ghoul by taking on a witch in the Cursed room where you may become a victim yourself.

The storyline and setting will make your heart race without making you uncomfortably terrified. For younger players Mutiny is a great option. It’s got cutthroat pirates, but keeps things somewhat mellow so it isn’t too scary.

Being in Costume Really Gets You Into the Game

At Extreme Escape dressing the part is totally acceptable year round. Being in costume can even help you get into the game and make you feel more immersed. Want to break out that old pirate costume – go for it. Going as the cast of Stranger Things this Halloween? That’s perfect attire for The Other Side. Rather than standing out you’ll fit right in!

Halloween Activity You Can Do With the Whole Family

Some Halloween activities are only appropriate and enjoyable for a certain age group. Escape rooms are the exception. Kids as young as nine years old can play Mutiny and the Lost Tomb. All the rooms are designed to entertainment teens and adults with a thrilling fright.

Don’t forget to check out the Extreme Escape Facebook page to find special discounts and deals during the holiday week.

Happy Halloween!