Extreme Escape Locations

Extreme Escape was recently voted the best escape room in San Antonio partly because we have not one but two locations with a total of eight games. No one offers as much escape room fun as us! 

Which Extreme Escape location should you visit? It’s not just a matter of proximity. Each location offers a unique experience. Here’s a closer look at what you’ll find at each of our San Antonio escape room locations.

Extreme Escape Location in Colonnade San Antonio

The northwest area of San Antonio has been growing like crazy in recent years. Areas like Colonnade are the place to be when you’re looking for somewhere to live or have a little fun. In addition to Extreme Escape, Colonnade is the location of the Omni Hotel, iFly Indoor Skydiving, the San Antonio Aquarium and The Shops at La Cantera.

Type of Escape Rooms at the Colonnade Location

The type of escape rooms at our Colonnade location are what’s considered the classic type of escape room. Players are in a single large room that’s decked out from floor to ceiling for a completely immersive experience.

Colonnade Escape Room Adventures



Being trapped by pirates is just the start of this popular all-ages escape room. Once the ship begins to sink you have just 60 minutes to find the secret way out of the hull.

Master of Illusion

Again and again, Master of Illusion is rated one of the best escape rooms because of the amazing ambiance and surprise at the end.

Trapped Below

This family friendly escape room puts players far below the surface on a hunt for hidden treasure.

The Undead

Calling all Walking Dead fans! Test your wits and grit as you try to find a zombie antidote before the undead find you.

Extreme Escape Location in Stone Oak San Antonio

Directly north of downtown San Antonio you’ll find the Stone Oak area. The Village at Stone Oak is a major attraction that reflects how the community was planned to be an idyllic suburb within the city. There’s a great selection of housing, dining and recreation, including our escape rooms that have been voted one of the most fun things to do in Stone Oak. 

Type of Escape Rooms at the Stone Oak Location

Our Stone Oak location has a different type of escape room. They are multi-chamber, which means there are numerous areas that players move through as they solve puzzles and complete tasks.

Stone Oak Escape Room Adventures



Teams must work fast to restore power to their spaceship before you all fall prey to a carnivorous alien. 

The Other Side

If you can’t get enough of the paranormal weirdness that is Stranger Things you won’t want to miss The Other Side. You and your friends will have to venture into a parallel universe to rescue a young boy and save the town from a dark fate.


Out in the deep bowels of a forest you find yourself in an evil witch’s cabin fighting to break her curse before you become her next victim.

The Lost Tomb

Tap into your inner Indian Jones as you race to replace Mayan artifacts before the looming eclipse wakes the angry gods.

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