Heroes Monday is Every Week at Extreme Escape

At Extreme Escape, we’re proud to be based in San Antonio, a military city with multiple branches of the Armed Forces. There are 80,000 active military members and 250,000 veterans currently in San Antonio. Surveys have found 1 out of every 8 residents is connected to San Antonio military personnel.

San Antonio also happens to have one of the best first response systems in the country. Thousands of firefighters, EMTs, police officers and nurses protect us at home, and many of them are veterans that are continuing to serve their community. 

Veterans Day is one of our favorite November holidays, but a single day of celebrating America’s heroes just isn’t enough. We’re going to keep it going with a special discount on one of the most popular San Antonio Texas activities for families - escape rooms!

Heroes Can Play a San Antonio Escape Room for Free Every Monday!

Playing an escape room in San Antonio is perfect for people who are used to handling high-stress situations, but you don’t have to sweat the admission. On Monday all active military members, first responders and nurses will receive free admission with a paid admission.

Bring a family member, friend, co-worker or date for a special 2-for-1 deal that will get your week off to a fun start!

Choose any one of our eight escape rooms in San Antonio:

Trapped Below

Overcome your claustrophobia fears by going deep underground to recover a treasure before time runs out.


Venture to worlds beyond our own where your crew has to repair the spacecraft and fend off a carnivorous alien.

The Other Side

Get transported back to a small town in the 1980s where you’ll find the portal to a dangerous parallel universe.

The Lost Tomb

Become an architect adventurer on a mission to uncover Mayan artifacts before the impending eclipse.

The Cursed

Put your scout skills to the test! There isn’t much time to reverse a witch’s curse and free her victims or your soul will be trapped the next.


Villanous pirates have you locked in the ship’s hold, but the real problem is the storm that threatens to sink the ship. You’ll need to find a way to escape the hold before the ship goes down.

The Undead

Bring out your inner Rick, Glenn or Karen in an escape room full of the undead as you work to find an antidote before being discovered.

Master of Illusion

This escape room is a favorite for its amazing set design and twist ending after players try to outwit a treacherous magician. 

Reserve a room any time on Monday, bring your ID and enjoy playing an escape room for free!

Experience One of the Best Military Family Activities in San Antonio - Reserve an Escape Room Online